Step 1 Materials

For your comfortable jeans, we select greatest materials, including but not limited to Cotton, Viscose and so on; To cherish our environment, Biodegradable biomaterials and recycled materials are our prioritized target.

Step 2 Dyeing

To keep perfect color, we use not only advance machines, best color stuff, but also monitor the dyeing process closely. Over three decades experience makes sure wonderful quality.

Step 3 Weaving

Hundreds of sets of rapier looms create extensive products, accurate delivery.

Step 4 Inspection

The Last of Quality Guarantee. Mixing full and random inspection ensures perfect quality. Four-point System and buyer's requirement apply to each meter fabric.

Step 5 Washing

Innovated washing techniques make fashionable, attractive and charming jeans.

garment Garment

Diligent manufacture and selective materials make a graceful garment for you!